Southeastern to Delgado Tutoring Service

This service is for the exclusive use of Delgado students of the CMIN program as provisioned and supported by the LA Board of Regents (Delgado-Southeastern PKSFI sponsored project). Delgado students please log in to access the tutoring system.

Please note: Southeastern student tutors are expected to help Delgado students of the CMIN program as required to understand technical material and to provide guidance and sources to technical material and to demonstrate relevant software technology as needed to grasp and use such material and technology. Also, within the scope of this system is to provide academic and career information and help to those students who are considering to opt for a Bachelors of Science degree from Southeastern in accordance with the existing articulation agreement between Delgado and Southeastern. It is not within the scope of this system to provide turn-key solutions to project assignments and tests required for grade at Delgado classes.

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